Road Work Updates


During 2018, crews reconstructed 66th Street between Humboldt and Portland avenues, including:

  • Replacing underlying soil to improve infrastructure support and drainage
  • Updating the aging underground water main, storm and sanitary sewers to reduce needs to repair and replace pipes in the near future
  • Replacing curbs and gutters and resurfacing the road to address deteriorating pavement and drainage concerns
  • Moving overhead utilities underground (work will be completed throughout this winter)

Corridor ready for all users

While the construction addressed many things you won’t be able to see or instantly appreciate, there are many benefits you will be able to enjoy every day:

  • New traffic flow improvements, including roundabouts at Nicollet and Lyndale avenues
  • New pavement providing a smoother ride when traveling in a vehicle
  • New sidewalks and trails with a boulevard buffer between the road
  • New paths to use when bicycling
  • New turn lanes in key areas

In addition, all Metro Transit buses and bus stops have returned to 66th Street. For details on your bus route, please visit:

What to expect through the winter season

Metro Transit

The eastbound and westbound bus stops on 66th Street under I-35W are now open. Crews have installed the permanent bus shelters at Lyndale and Nicollet avenues.

Winter utility work

Over the winter, expect minor activities along 66th Street:

  • Crews from Xcel Energy will be removing the power poles on the north side of 66th Street between Humboldt and Portland avenues
  • Permanent street lights will be activated
  • Short-term lane closures will occur as needed


Even though this road remains under construction into 2019, county snow and ice removal teams will maintain it through the construction area throughout the winter.

What to expect in 2019

The following minor activities will occur in some locations along 66th Street between Humboldt and Portland avenues in 2019:

  • Permanent sidewalk installation
  • Placing and grading topsoil in boulevards and yards
  • Temporary and permanent seeding boulevards and yards
  • Permanent striping and paving
  • Landscaping (led by the City of Richfield)

Thank you!

From the entire project team, we would like to thank all local businesses, residents and 66th Street users for your patience and cooperation during the 2018 construction season!

We will see you in the Spring!



At the June 12, 2018 City Council approved the preliminary design layout for the Lyndale Avenue Project. Click here to view the Council approved layout.

Stay tuned for more public input opportunities during the design process such as public art, landscaping features, retaining walls, benches, and other design features.



The 2018 Mill and Overlay Project is now 100% complete, crews will continue the accelerated Mill and Overlay Project in 2019.



The 2018 Concrete Project is now 100% complete, crews will continue the concrete project in 2019.



CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, has installed 100% of the natural gas main for CenterPoint Energy’s “Nicollet Avenue from 67th Street to Old Shakopee Road” belt line project.

CenterPoint Energy would like to say thank you for your patience as they continue to modernize their system to continue to provide reliable natural gas service. They strive to restore streets and grass disturbed by CenterPoint Energy to as close as possible to their original states, and are committed to completing restoration work quickly, and to a high standard in compliance with all laws. Below are the restoration notes

  • Temporary asphalt on sidewalks
    As CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, is finishing pipeline work for the 2018 season, crews from Q3 Contracting, CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, are restoring the areas affected by Michels Corporation’s work. As winter is approaching, Q3 Contracting is beginning to lay down temporary restoration for the hard and soft surfaces. In Bloomington, the crews are replacing previously concrete sidewalk panels with temporary asphalt. (See image below.) These panels will receive permanent concrete in spring or summer 2019.
  • Winter erosion control for lawns
    When temperatures aren’t conducive for planting grass, Q3 Contracting will apply winter erosion control called hydromulch (otherwise known as hydroseed). The crews apply hydromulch by spraying it onto the affected areas. Sometimes the crews place netting with hydromulch to keep the soil together. Hydromulch is safe for pets to touch, but CenterPoint Energy recommends leaving it alone until the crews return in the spring. (See image below.) Permanent soft-surface restoration involves the crews’ placing black dirt and planting grass seed in the affected areas. Any holes created by CenterPoint Energy’s crews in boulevards during construction will be backfilled with dirt and sprayed with hydromulch in cold weather. In spring, Q3 Contracting will return to place black dirt and grass seed in these areas.



Fall is in full swing and crews are pushing to complete all concrete and masonry work before the start of the winter season. Richfield Parkway between 66th and Cedar Avenue is now open.

    • Richfield Parkway has been paved.
    • The Level 1 precast plank installation for Building A is complete.



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