Road Work Updates

66th Street Reconstruction

Construction along 66th Street has been progressing well these past several months. 

Below is what you can expect along 66th Street these next few weeks:

66th Street and Lyndale Avenue Intersection Closure Continues

The intersection of 66th Street and Lyndale Avenue is now closed to all modes of transportation (people driving motor vehicles, riding bicycles, walking or rolling) while crews replace underground utilities and construct the new roundabout.

A couple things to note during the Lyndale Avenue closure:

  • Driveway entrances near 66th Street and Lyndale Avenue will remain accessible.
  • Employees, residents and customers should use the signed alternate route via 70th Street, Portland Avenue, 64th Street, 65th Street and Lake Shore Drive to reach your destination.
  • Pedestrian access is available and signed.

66th Street Closure Between 5th and Stevens Avenues for Paving

Crews have completed about a third of the underground utility replacement in this year’s main construction area between Girard and 5th avenues. Utility replacement has wrapped up and crews have been pouring concrete curbs on the east end, between 5th and Stevens avenues.

This Wednesday, July 18, and Thursday, July 19, daytime travel will be restricted on 66th Street between 5th and 1st avenues, for crews to begin paving the road between 5th and Stevens avenues.

People driving motor vehicles or riding bicycles on the road should anticipate a moving closure as equipment and crews are moving around. The side streets off 66th Street will remain open for the majority of the time with the exception of when work is occurring in the immediate area.

Work is anticipated to be completed during daytime hours, between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. This schedule is weather dependent.

Construction Under 35W bridge

Crews have started working on the west end of this year’s construction area, around the I-35W bridge. Lane restrictions are in place around the area while excavation and work to replace deep underground utilities begins. Please plan for additional travel time if you are using this area of 66th Street. Temporary signals have been installed recently to accommodate these changes.

Side Street Closures at Girard and Emerson Avenues

As utility work begins around the I-35W bridge area, crew will need to begin closing side street access to 66th Street in the area, including:

  • Closing access to Girard Avenue on the south side of 66th Street, beginning July 13 (residents will have access from 67th Street)
  • Closing access to Emerson Avenue on the north side of 66th Street, beginning July 16 (residents will have access from 63rd Street)

Access to these side streets will remain closed for several weeks while construction activities are ongoing.

Ramps at I-35W Interchange Close for Three Weeks Starting Late July

In the coming weeks, crews will begin working at the I-35W/66th Street interchange ramps. We anticipate closing all ramps at the interchange for approximately three weeks, starting in late July. Additional information will be included in next week’s update.

Additional activities next week

Here’s what you can expect next week between Girard and Portland avenues:

  • Utility installation between Lyndale and Grand avenue.
  • Concrete sidewalk installation at the Nicollet Avenue roundabout.
  • Retaining wall construction near Clinton Avenue.


Richfield Parkway-Chamberlain Development

The Chamberlain Development is scheduled to begin July 12th. Richfield Parkway, south of the entrance to Plaza 66th Street will close as part of this work until fall of 2018. Work that will take place the beggining of July:

    • Close Richfield Parkway along the extension and 67th Street
    • Install site perimeter fencing
    • Install job trailer
    • Tree Removals
    • Private Utility Relocations
    • Building Excavation


Mill and Overlay Project

The Mill and Overlay Project is now 100% complete, crews will continue the work in 2019.


Concrete Project

Concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk replacement work is scheduled to begin July 16th, 2018 and is expected to be completed by October 5th 2018.

Crews will be working from:

      • Xerxes Avenue to Penn Avenue from 66th to 78th Street
      • Penn Avenue to 35W from 70th to 74th Street
      • Morgan to Logan Avenue from 75th to 76th Street


CenterPoint Project-Nicollet Avenue

CenterPoint Energy’s authorized contractor, Michels Corporation, has installed 19% of the natural gas main for CenterPoint Energy’s “Nicollet Avenue from 67th Street to Old Shakopee Road” belt line project. Below are the construction details for this update:
  • The crews are continuing to shift traffic on eastbound American Boulevard between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue. The closure has been extended to July 8 or 15. Pedestrian traffic will be detoured to the other side of American Boulevard during this closure. The dates may be subject to change depending on weather and the crews’ progress.


Lyndale Avenue Reconstruction

At the June 12, 2018 City Council approved the layout for the Lyndale Avenue Project. Click here to view the Council approved layout.

Stay tuned for more public input opportunities during the design process such as public art, landscaping features, retaining walls, benches, and other design features.


77th St. Underpass

2017-2018- Design
2019- Construction