Richfield is a community of neighbors who love their city for its affordability, small town feel, and solid infrastructure. Our purpose at the City of Richfield is to continually contribute to and improve the quality of life for all residents.

Through the Sweet Streets project, we are working to connect the people of Richfield across all modes of travel. We’ve been encouraged by progress toward the achievement of project goals. Overall, there has been a 40% increase in walking where improvements have been made (for instance, on crosswalks).

In addition to large street projects, you’ll also see aesthetic changes that add to the unique quality of life in our city.

  • Through the Poetry on Portland project, Richfield residents submitted original poetry for consideration. Selected poems were imprinted in sidewalks during the road reconstruction.
  • Three city-owned utility boxes have been wrapped—and Richfield has plans to wrap more. The beautification of the city continues.

We are dedicated to creating efficient connections from Richfield to wherever you need to go—from downtown Minneapolis to Dakota County! Whether you are a pedestrian, driver, bicyclist, or transit rider—or a combination of all four—you’ll find safe and well-maintained streets and sidewalks that will take you to your destination.

Choose your mode of transportation and get a move-on.