More roundabouts—one-way circular intersections where traffic flows around a center island—are coming to Richfield.

The Richfield City Council approved roundabouts on 66th Street at Lyndale Avenue and Nicollet Avenue on February 24, 2015. The roundabouts were constructed as part of the 66th Street reconstruction project that began in 2017.

Roundabouts keep traffic flowing and offer safety benefits for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Vehicles entering a roundabout yield to those already in it, providing safe and efficient traffic flow. No more red lights!


Pictured above: 66th and Lyndale (Left) and 66th and Nicollet (Right)

Why Roundabouts?

Slower speeds are generally safer for pedestrians, and studies show that roundabouts at busy intersections are dramatically safer than stop lights, offering:

  • a more than 90% reduction in fatalities*
  • a 76% reduction in injuries**
  • a 35% reduction in all crashes**

* “Safety Effect of Roundabout Conversions in the United States: Empirical Bayes Observational Before-After Study.” Transportation Research Record 1751, Transportation Research Board (TRB), National Academy of Sciences (NAS), Washington, D.C., 2001.

** NCHRP Report 572: Roundabouts in the United States. National Cooperative Highway Research Program, TRB, NAS, Washington, D.C., 2007.

Roundabouts move traffic safely and efficiently by:

  • slowing driver speeds
  • reducing conflict points
  • allowing easy decision-making

Slower vehicle speeds mean:

  • Drivers have more time to judge and react
  • Older and beginner drivers find intersections safer to navigate
  • The severity of accidents is reduced
  • Pedestrians are safer

Other benefits:

  • Traffic is always on the move so there is less delay
  • Traffic capacity in the intersection is increased 30 to 50%
  • Pollution and fuel use are reduced
  • Fewer stops and starts means less noise
  • There is no signal equipment to install and repair

Compared to standard instersections, there are fewer conflict points in a roundabout:


(Left) A traditional intersection has 32 conflict points. (Right) A modern roundabout has 16 conflict points. Accidents in roundabouts are typically minor due to slower speeds and indirect contact points.

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