Pedestrian Master Plan

The DRAFT Richfield Pedestrian Master Plan has been developed as part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan process. The Pedestrian Master Plan documents the current process used by Public Works on transportation projects to create safer, more convenient and enjoyable places to walk in the City of Richfield.  The process set forth in the Pedestrian Master Plan will be used to guide future pedestrian infrastructure development. The Pedestrian Master Plan is in the final review stages. At the October 3rd Transportation Commission meeting, Commissioners recommended to council the approval of the Pedestrian Master Plan with some edits. The Pedestrian Master Plan is expected to be on the City Council agenda at the October 23rd meeting.

The Transportation Commission, City staff and City Council are seeking public input on the Pedestrian Master Plan. We encourage residents and community members to review the full Pedestrian Master Plan and are seeking your input. Please email any comments, questions, concerns or thoughts regarding this document to Richfield Transportation Engineer Jack Broz, at

The Pedestrian Master Plan and plan executive summary can be found below.

Please review the City of Richfield’s DRAFT Pedestrian Master Plan.

Please review the City of Richfield’s Executive Summary: DRAFT Pedestrian Master Plan